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500 member companies with nearly 30,000 employees provide an ALASKA ADVANTAGE to our client’s in the oil, gas and mining industries.

EXPERIENCE: We are Alaskan companies, with Alaskan employees trained and skilled at performing in the Alaskan environment. Not just any company is prepared to successfully operate in Alaska’s harsh environment. The EXPERIENCE our member companies bring saves you time and money.

ADVOCACY: Our organization was founded for the purpose of advocating to the producers on behalf of the oil, gas and mining support industry. This was true 35 years ago and it’s still true today. We also ADVOCATE on Alliance members’ client’s behalf to policy makers on the state and federal level as well as to the citizens of the state of Alaska. And our efforts don’t stop there – we are vocal advocates to the various state and federal agencies when it comes to permitting projects throughout Alaska. Our recent successes include:
• Oil Tax Reform (SB 21)
• AKLNG Enabling Legislation (SB 138)
• Defeating the Oil Tax Referendum (No on 1)
• LNG 101 – Educating Alaskans on LNG

COMMUNITY: Alliance members have a significant impact on local communities as well as the overall state economy.
• $2 Billion in annual payroll
• 12% of all Alaska’s payroll
• 12% of Alaska’s total private sector employment
• $6.5 Billion in total economic activity generated by Alliance members
• $3 Billion in total annual payroll affected by Alliance members’ employment and spending in Alaska

Beyond their direct impact, the support industry and its employees put millions of dollars back into the COMMUNITY through non-profit donations and volunteer hours.

Through our dedication to the communities we live and work in, our advocacy for the industry and our members and our depth and breadth of experience working in the unique climate that is Alaska, we embody the Alaskan spirit and we are the ALASKA ADVANTAGE.


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